____you dont even know me. (xedge_of_summer) wrote in model_worthy,
____you dont even know me.

New: Model Worthy

Name: Chelsea
Location: Moorestown, New Jersey
Age: 15
Height: 5' 8 1/2"
Weight: 135 [i've been playing soccer forever, muscle]
Favorite Victoria's Secret model: Alessandra Ambrosio<3 .. some ppl think i kinda look like her.. i doubt it though.
Why should you be accepted?: i should be accepted because i like promoting and voting. i've wanted to be a model, i just didnt have "want it takes" since i don't really have the time right now. Also i <3 photography.
Do you promise to vote & promote?: of course. i actually like doing both of them
What physical quality of yours is most like on of the "angels"?: i think it would probably be my stomach, or maybe my back. the structure of it.

the last one is a little burry. =\. sorry.

>>thanks for your time. <3

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