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New: Model Worthy

Name: Elena
Location: New York City
Age: 15
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Around 98 pounds
Favorite Victoria's Secret model: Alessandra Ambrosio
Why should you be accepted?: I dont know if I should be, thats up to you to decide! :)
Do you promise to vote & promote?: Yep
What physical quality of yours is most like on of the "angels"?: Eyes

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pretty face, but i can't see anything that would be close to model worthy.
Thank you for your vote ;]
I think youre very cute.
Thanks for your vote and yes :)
youre pretty but wayyyy too skinny
Thanks, I know I hate my weight, fast metabolism.
im 5 3' and 100 and everyone thinks im really skinny..
I havent weighed myself in a few weeks, I might have gained weight or my scale might be off, not sure.
i'm 5'6 and 107... i'm not too far ahead of you! i def. have a fast metabolism too!
anyways, i think you look very cute, but i can't really see your body shot? it will be no for now unless you have a better picture...& take off the sweater so i can tell!
agreed, a body shot would be most welcome.
oh wait, where in nyc? where do you go to schoool?
St. Demetrios, I hate it. You?
bronx science, i'm a sr so i'm leaving this yr, thank god.
i'm sorry you hate it, and sadly i don't think it gets any better.
good luck!
Do you know someone named Byron? I might transfer next year to another school. Ty ;]
byron, no. have fun transfering!
ty ;]
jamie youre not 5 6' you silly goose!
yah i am
Ahh I was a bit embarassed to take a body shot ;x By a body shot, do you mean me in a bathing suit or just normal clothes? Because I saw someone wear a bathing suit for the body shots.
preferably a bathing suit but regular clothes is fine i guess
you do not have to wear a bathing suit but make sure your clothes are body concious... meaning we can tell what your figure is like... otherwise there really is no point!

Haha I like the strong irony in posting that picture as a rejection stamp. Since it shows a girl being rejected for being too fat, and I was rejected since I was too thin.


June 19 2004, 11:31:53 UTC 13 years ago

Parasitegoddess:: Dont worry about it. This community is for fake, superficial bitches who have nothing better to do than admire their outter beauty. They have none on the inside, and prove this by making a community to rate peoples' looks. GL in life ;)