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Model Worthy

Are you model worthy?

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Welcome to Model Worthy, a new community that will judge you on how beautiful you are.
This is not your typical beauty community. It was inspired by the amazingly gorgeous, Victoria's Secret models. If you want to be compared to them, keep reading! ;)
Here's how it works...

I (</a></a>barbiejamerz ), and my two awesome friends Megan (</a></a>perfectii0n ) & Brittney (</a></font></a>y0ursforever ) are the mods. You will submit your application (look below for details) and we will rate you with a simple yes or no. You will simply not be rated on how beautiful you are, but will be compared to the "Angels" themselves. If you recieve a majority of yes's, you will be "accepted". Once accepted you may help us vote & promote this community!</font>

The Requirements

-You must be at least 14
-You must promise to promote this community
-You must promise to judge honestly & with very high standards.
-You must fill out the application honestly

-Have majority yes's to be accepted!

The Application
(First 5 auto accepted!)

Please put "New: Model Worthy" in the subject of your post! Gracias<3.

Favorite Victoria's Secret model:
Why should you be accepted?:
Do you promise to vote & promote?:
What physical quality of yours is most like on of the "angels"?:

-At least 3
-At least one headshot & one full body
-Don't give us shity, unclear pictures!
-Natural beauty is always a plus, but makeup is a gift from heaven; try variety in your pictures!

-No nudity!...keep your clothes on please ;)

Good Luck!


Jamie(</a></a>barbiejamerz )

Megan(</a></a>perfectii0n )

Brittney(</a></a>y0ursforever )


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